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Symptoms Of Computer RAM Damage and How to Fix Memory

Symptoms Of Computer RAM Damage and How to Fix Memory

Characteristic of damaged computer ram can be seen from the symptoms of memory that arises during abnormal laptop use

Memory laptop is one of the important devices in the work of the computer as a whole by connecting together processor, motherboard, hard drive, power supply, screen, and RAM as a core device.

When one of the core devices has a problem, there will certainly be problems felt by the computer and cause different displays and indications according to the source.


Symptoms Of Computer RAM Damage and How to Fix Memory

Laptop RAM is often associated with computer hardware that can improve the ability of Notebook to multitask, so many argue that the greater the memory capacity, the faster the Device can run Software or applications.

Definition of Random Access Memory (RAM)

RAM stands for random access memory, which has the ability to quickly access random memory on a computer or gadget.

On a Laptop or mobile phone, memory is one type of memory that plays a very important role in processing information that occurs in the computer system when the ram is unreadable, it could be a sign of damage.

Memory's ability to access data randomly allows it to display data faster. In addition, when the device is turned on and the data has not been stored on the hard disk, memory can also store temporary data on the device.

Therefore, compared to other types of storage devices (such as hard drives, flash drives, or solid state drives), RAM can be said to be the fastest memory in a computer.

Ram function in general on Laptop or Mobile

  • Speed up Performance on a Computer
  • Storing Temporary Data
  • Helps temporary memory storage media
  • Helping The Process of Multitasking on a Computer
  • Specifying Specifications to Read inGadget

Characteristics and symptoms of Damaged Computer RAM

Characteristics and symptoms of Damaged Computer RAM

Characteristics of Computer RAM Damaged symptoms of laptop ram damage can be seen from some of the signs given and become a signal on the PC and notebook. below we will see what are the characteristics of memory damage more.

  • Computers and laptops are slowing down

Open the application feels slowly, even open folder aja feel waiting for the queue at home eating padang?? It could be one of the characteristics that the memory has begun to break down.

As we know memory holds important in access and speed of data processing, therefore when memory has started to problem of course the computer will become noticeably slow.

It can also be a reference for you that indicates a problem with your computer's RAM. This is because Random Access Memory cannot help CPU performance, so cpu work becomes heavy and decreases laptop performance. Then what happens if the ram breaks down? let's see below.

  • The computer is on but the ram is not detect

The initial prediction is the possibility that the characteristic ram installed on your computer may have a crust on the copper pin underneath and considered laptop has been damaged.

The crust can be a characteristic that makes the inhibition of the relationship between memory and the motherboard that makes the computer error.

With the existing crust will certainly complicate the reading of memory and eventually the computer will assume that there is a problem and may not detect your peripherals.

  • Amount of Memory Does Not Match

There are many questions about computer ram especially when the state of the computer is on and you think it is running slowly, try to check the memory can be as characteristic whether it is reduced or not detected by Windows. If this happens, then there is a problem with your Laptop's RAM.

If only your computer uses more than one memory slot installed will certainly be greater the total memory results that will be listed on your device.

Well if the installed does not match for example two pieces of RAM 4GB + 4GB = 8GB should be registered, but in fact that appears only 4GB is certainly characteristic of the damage to your computer memory.

  • Computer shuts down by itself

When you use a Laptop and then Laptop Turns Itself Off, it may be typical of your computer's RAM error or memory feature is damaged.

This cannot be ignored because forced power outages can also damage various other computer components.

so it's a good idea to take immediate action to fix this Random Access Memory and if necessary replace it with new RAM so that the damage does not seep into other components.

  • When the computer is turned on only a black screen appears

How to turn on the computer normally is when pressed the power button will appear the boot and reading process of the motherboar device and successfully sync against other devices, but otherwise if your memory has started to error.

A distinctive feature that usually comes out is that the LED light on the laptop may remain, but the display remains blank and the screen is black. Be aware of the possibility of damage to your notebook memory.

  • Often happens Blue Screen

This can also mean the hallmark that Random Access Memory on your computer is damaged, but you need to make sure that you can use the Blue Screen Viewer application to determine if your RAM is error or if there are other devices on your computer before taking any further action. which causes the screen to be blue.

  • Beeping is not what it used to be

If you hear a beep when your Laptop has just been turned on, it's possible that your computer's RAM is damaged.

However, first of all, check the beep code generated on the computer, because each BIOS has a different meaning for each beep code.

This distinctive feature can be known through the sign when the Laptop boots and there is out krek krek krek sound or it can also sound beep error code it indicates that the RAM of the computer / laptop error is already severe difficult to repair and the extent of damage is at least above 30 %

  • Apps are not granted usage access 

One of the characteristics and functions of the computer RAM to speed up the reading process performed on the device, With the damage that occurs will cause the computer to block applications to be accessed and of course the impact of not granted access reading and the use of the software to be considered error.

This happens because your RAM can't access the data because your Random Access Memory is experiencing an issue that makes it as abnormal as memory normally is.

  • Laptops Often Not Responding

Crashes occur when the application is not working as usual, and the information that will appear is Not Responding or Hang. Often feel your device that way.

When this often happens and hinders your computer activities, of course find out what the cause that characterizes the damaged ram. 

Just pay attention to the above indications that can be one of the parameters and characteristics of your computer problem.

  • Your computer or laptop Feels Hot

As a function that the RAM gives speed access in the processing of the computer, if the memory is damaged it will make the processor to order other devices to work harder to connect with memory.

When your computer feels hotter than usual, it could be a characteristic of memory problems or RAM signs installed on your laptop has been damaged.

  • The computer feels sluggish

This can also be a benchmark for you which indicates your Laptop's Random Access Memory has a problem. This occurs because the damaged computer RAM will not be able to perform commands and perform various performance of the processor,

this results in the work of your processor will certainly become heavier will result in reduced capabilities done by your computer.

Causes of Computer RAM to Become Damaged

Causes of Computer RAM to Become Damaged

Everything must have its age and time, no exception on the computer RAM is broken. some of the above causes can be the reason for errors that occur in memory,

let's just take a look at more below yes, 

  • Causes Of Damage Due to Excessive Computer Heat in RAM

Over time, overheating can damage your RAM and many other parts of your computer.

Not only heat from internal components, heat from adjacent components can also cause damage.

  • Static electrical shorting RAM 

Before working on the inside of the computer, you should "ground" by touching the metal part on the laptop to help remove static.

Endless static electricity can damage many components of your computer, including RAM, hardrive and motherboard can be broken.

Causes Of Damage Due to Unstable Laptop Power Voltage in RAM

Voltage drop can cause a wide variety of problems with computer components, including RAM. This is because it uses a stabilizer so that the voltage received by the laptop is always stable.

  • Production Defects RAM

Memory modules can have production defects that are not visible at the initial sign, but will get worse over time when the RAM slot is Damaged.

Causes of Corrupted Computer Overclocking in RAM  

If you overclock any part of your computer incorrectly, this condition will result in overheating that can damage various components including your RAM.

Special Treatement Ram Computer Damaged

When your Computer Ram is damaged the best advice is to replace it with a new unit that is appropriate and has the same characteristics as the currently installed mark on your device.

Do not buy best ram computer second whenever we do not know the history and usage hours of the memory you want to buy.

However, if certain conditions that cause you can not replace random access memory that you have then below There is a special way that can at least be used to save the memory that you have today in the way below.

  1. Look at the RAM IC foot to see if the foot can be reached with an avometer needle or not (placed outside or inside). If the pin on the IC is hidden, this way will be difficult to do.
  2. First clean the RAM foot with a 2B pencil eraser or a clean cloth, you can add some cleaning fluids such as: thinner, alcohol and other cleaning fluids.
  3. Prepare the avometer, then set the ohm scale (Scale to calculate resistance) to 1k, 10k, 100k or something else does not matter.
  4. Place the negative avometer needle (black cable) on one of the legs or ram pin.
  5. Positive needle (red cable) rubbed with each foot chipset IC / RAM.
  6. Do the same on all problematic Laptop memory ICs.

What about after the experiment above whether your memory has worked as usual?? or still issue a signal sign characteristic of damaged computer ram? If it is still problematic please try again the solution below yes.

  • If your computer has two memory slots but only one memory, move the memory to another memory slot on the laptop.
  • If your computer has two memory, try to change the memory position, such as memory A in slot 1 and memory B in slot 2, then swap memory A in slot 2 and memory B in slot 1.   
  • Try cleaning the memory module with a clean rubber eraser. The cleaned part of the memory panel is the brass part. This is so that the memory dust can come off.
  • If all of the above steps are not also able to save your RAM, then the last way is to replace your current flagship memory unit.


Here explanation as a characteristic that can be known as a sign that the memory is problematic and the importance to routinely clean a laptop ram full.

by knowing the above signs you will be able to know what causes what happens that becomes a signal of the damage that is on the Computer RAM.

Hopefully the above article is useful as a sign and characteristic of a damaged computer ram that can be known as the cause and also the most appropriate repair.

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