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How to Maintain Flash Drive, Best Endurance Product

How to Maintain and take care the Flash Drive, To Be Durable, Safe, Long Life

How to Maintain and take care the Flash Drive, To Be Durable, Safe, Long Life

The skill of maintaining the durability of a flash drive USB is to be safe and durable, and to avoid damage, which will provide a variety of existing brands with longevity and durability. For owners of OTG or usb type, how to take care of the flashdrive is usually problematic.

There are many brands and types of flash drives on the market today, but if handled and treated incorrectly, it will definitely shorten the life of the flashdrive.

Want to know how to maintain and take care the durability of small storage media devices such as flash drives USB? Let's take a full look at the contents of the summary by codeDNB below.



The flash disk is physically smaller than other storage media. Therefore, the flash memory of SanDisk or other brand products may be damaged, especially when sitting or falling.

When there is a problem with the flash drive, it is certainly confusing whether the internal data will be lost or damaged. Or do you need a way to fix a broken flashdrive USB that cannot be recognized?

Some brands of flash drives provide a lifetime warranty (life warranty). If your favorite flashdrive is damaged or unreadable, you can repair it or even replace it by visiting the nearest FD service center.

Well, let's take a look at tips on caring for and maintaining your favorite FD, as well as ten ways to take care and maintain a flash drive USB to be durable and safe.

1. Don't Just Unplug

how many times can you write to a flash drive

Usually flash drive users accidentally unplug the device after use, which sometimes makes it damaged or illegible, so it is undeniable to be taken to the nearest service station.

In an emergency, simply unplug the flash drive and someone will play on the computer. No, never do this–especially when the data transfer process is in progress or has just ended. Be sure to always unplug the flashdrive after doing "safe deletion" so that in addition to not damaging the data, FD can be better stored.

2. Avoid Falls and Bumps

how to store multiple flash drives

Crashes and drop often occur on this kind of storage media, which requires a way to repair a damaged and illegible flash drive, especially when there is important data stored on it.

Due to its small size, we often accidentally put it down, or even accidentally put it down. Avoid dropping flash drives, especially hard drops. In addition to damaging the USB flashDrive unit itself, frequent falls can cause the FD unit to break down faster. Be sure to take it with you and place it carefully - as long as the flash drive doesn't fall repeatedly, it won't take too much work.

3. Keep away from Damp and Dusty Locations

memory stick lifespan

Damp places can cause mold and rust, especially its cleaning, which usually damages and causes short-circuiting on the flash drive, which in the end makes it less durable.

Have you ever encountered a flashdrive with a rusty end? This is an extreme example of the lack of clean flashDrives storage space. Be sure to place the flash Drive in a clean and dry place. Avoid use in damp and dusty places, because if the port is dirty or even rusty it will damage not only the flash, but also the USB port on the PC / laptop.

4. Don't Use to Instaling on Your Laptop

do flash drives go bad

If you only use a flash drive for data exchange, please transfer the data as soon as the Memory hangs, and safely release the flash memory once the flash memory is complete. A bad habit is to insert Flashdrives regardless of whether drive is used. Keep in mind that a flash drive is an electronic component and its usage time is limited to several hours. Therefore, the more effective the USB (plug it only when used), the more durable the periferal.

5. Use As It Functions

how to store multiple flash drives

Flash drives have indeed become a storage medium for data exchange or data backup. Avoid opening and processing files directly from flash memory. For example edit documents directly from a flashdrive USB, compress/extract files directly from a flash drive, and so on. This will remove the read/write quota and reach the cull limit faster.

Therefore, if you want to edit or process the file, be sure to do so on your computer first. When you're done, just move it to flash disk.

6. If not needed, Avoid Running Applications Directly from The Flash

This portable application is cool-can be run directly from the flash drive USB. However, if you don't need it, it's a good idea to avoid running the app directly from the flash memory. Just like processing documents directly from a flash drive, running the app will also use a read/write ratio to make time run out faster.

Of course, there are some exceptions for important purposes, such as scanning your PC through portable antivirus software before starting Windows, reinstalling Windows via flash memory, using bootable flash memory for recovery and troubleshooting, or other things that can't be avoided. .

The key is to try as few operations as possible to run the application directly from Flash.

7. Don't Always Format

Flash format as needed, especially when fully formatted. In fact, if you only want to delete one or two saved files, don't format them too much.

Here are 7 ways to maintain the persistence of flash memory version of WinPoints. Of course, the flash is a man-made inanimate object and should have a certain damaged time. If it breaks down, there is no other option to buy a new one.

8. Close the USB Socket when not in use

life expectancy of a usb flash drive

The flash drive unit USB you purchased must be equipped with a guard on the USB unit. If not in use, close the USB socket with a closed protector. This prevents dust from entering the flash drive.

9. When you're done, always eject and stop or remove the hardware

keep usb flash drive plugged in

Don't just remove the flash from your computer, but pop-up or stop it first. Conversely, in addition to causing damage (damage) or data loss, it can also shorten the life of flash memory, or even damage flash memory.

10 Virus Scans for Flash Drive USB Safety and Maintenance

Virus Scans for Flash Drive Safety and Maintenance

Due to the flexibility of flash memory, we can easily connect flashdrive USB memory from one computer to another. Therefore, viruses can easily spread from one computer to another, infecting them without viruses and degrading their performance. This is a common situation for most people, especially those unfamiliar with computers.

It is worth getting used to scanning the flash drives that we often use because we do not know if the flashdrive is still protected by viruses. The most serious consequence of a virus infection in flash memory is that stored data can be destroyed.

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You can use 10 methods to get a longer lasting flash and a longer life. Although the current price of FD is between 100$ - 200$ but if the internal data is important and damaged of course will be disappointed.

Hopefully the above article is useful for you, do not let your favorite FD damaged, or make the Flash disk unreadable, because it adds knowledge on how to Take Care and maintain the durability and security of flash.

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