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10 Best External Hard Drive Brands, Cheap 2021!!

10 Best External Hard Drive Brands 2021, cheap and data security

10 Best External Hard Drive Brands 2021, cheap and data security

Are the hard drives in laptops, PCs, and computers starting to fill up? Do you want to protect important but complex data on CD? The simplest and best external storage medium is the cheapest and safest as a backup of various important data, photos, files and videos.

In fact, external hard drives can not only provide better data security, but also can be used for data transfer between computer equipment and PC Loh. With large and diverse capacities, you can easily move various files and songs .

There are many manufacturers releasing internal and external HDDs with the best brand and quality in 2021, such as Seagate, Adata, Toshiba, Samsung, and even ssd and HDD types, which are now available, especially when the computer hard drive is damaged and needed Make a backup.


Before we know the brand and type, it would be a good idea for you to understand and understand the functions and uses of external hard drives (especially those that are not yet known to the world of computers and laptops). Recommendations and become this year’s recommendation.

Review External hard drive Function

Below, we will see the 3 main features and benefits of using an external hard drive, it is as important as hell, so you can choose the best advice to buy at a lower price in the future, but to get the best quality and Security data.

  • Storage medium of notebook computer with full hard drive

It is undeniable that if the internal hard drive is located on a laptop or computer, it will charge no matter how large the memory is.

It also affects the working speed of the device, so if the internal hard drive is full, the external hard drive may be the correct solution for storing and transferring data from a computer or portable computer.

  • As a Large Data, Video, and File Place

If the memory that is usually on the flash disk has only a small storage capacity, and is limited then an external hard drive is required to store data that has a large storage capacity, such as movies, music, pictures, and programs.

Therefore, if you want to open video files, movies, pictures, just connect the hard drive to a laptop, computer, or even a smart TV.

  • Storing Important Files and Data

Because external drives have more memory than flash memory, you can store a variety of important document files.

From study documents, lectures, essays to important work documents during your school days.

By storing it on the hard disk it will keep important documents stored neatly without mixing with other data on your computer or laptop.

  • External Hard Drive Capacity and Size Recommendations

Unlike flash memory, flash memory only has a storage capacity of 8 GB (Gigabyte), 16 GB, 32G, 64 GB, and a maximum of 400 GB. The average most reliable external hard drives capacity is 1 TB (megabytes) or 1000 GB equivalent capacity.

If you want more capacity, not only 1 TB, you can also use 2 TB to 3 TB. Therefore, just customize it according to your needs.

For the price of course the greater the capacity of the external hard disk, the higher the price. In fact, the price reaches millions of rupiah. however, you can still find cheap products from the best external hard drive brand recommendations below.

Best External Hard Drive Brand

External Hard drive Price $100 or $ 500much sought after people but with the best brand. For those of you who want this storage media should read the recommendations below until it is finished.

1. Adata – Best External Hard Drive 4 TB

most reliable external hard drive

The best external drive brand we reviewed first today is adata brand drives that are simple in design and futuristic. Its smooth and shiny appearance makes the hard drive look more elegant and modern.

For HDDs with adata brand, although the lowest price among other hard drives, can still pass appraisal.

In addition, the product can also be connected to previous USB versions. In fact, the hard drive can also be connected to multiple OS without having to format it first.

2. Toshiba – Canvio Basics

best portable hard drives

Who doesn't know the famous Toshiba brand? Needless to say, this best Toshiba brand external hard drive can also be the right choice because it is cheap and quality.

Because, Toshiba Canvio Basics hard drive provides enough storage space at a fair price.

Toshiba Canvio Basics, which is as powerful as Adata's hard drive, also has a pocket-sized design.

In addition, Toshiba devices are also equipped with high-quality speeds. Its durability is also very good!

3. Transcend 25M3

fastest hard drive external

Transcend hard drives are the second most durable and hardest to damage external hard drive brand.

In addition to being durable, the hard drive can also transfer data quickly. To select this series, Transcend provides a series of external hard drives from the 25M3 series.

What are the advantages? Transcend's hard drive series offers a wide range of capacities for you to choose from.

Available capacity ranges are 500GB, 640GB, 750GB, 1TB and 2TB.

4. Seagate Backup Plus 

fastest external hard drive

Seagate hard drives have a smooth and convenient system, which is the best brand of external hard drives with this advantage.

The reason is Seagate Backup Plus. Comes with a read speed of 114 MB/s. However, while it can be read quickly, Seagate Backup Plus is not easy and will heat up quickly.

In addition to excellent reading speed, the hard drive also offers a very interesting variety of colors!

5. Western Digital – WD Element Portable 1 TB

portable external hard drive

Do you want a hard drive that's lightweight and easy to carry? Western Digital's best external hard drive brand might be the right choice!

At the same time, super high-speed USB functions can also transfer data quickly.

With a steady speed and connection, it's sure to make your work done faster!

6. Buffalo – MiniStation Extreme

external portable hard drive

It is said that Buffalo, the best external hard drive brand in Japan, has performance that other hard drive products do not have.

What makes this hard drive unique? In fact, Buffalo MiniStation Extreme has a unique human body defense system design.

This is because hard disk drives equipped with THIS USB 3.0 interface can provide faster read/write speeds than USB 2.0 interfaces.

With these advantages, it will not make the price of the hard drive too high. Buffalo's hard drive price is very affordable.

Buffalo also offers a variety of capacities that can be customized to suit your needs.

7. G-Technology G-Drive 

best hard drive

In addition, there is G-Technology, which is the second best brand of external hard drives. The drive demonstrates the latest product G-Drive ev.

For design, this hard drive looks very sturdy and large. Another advantage of this hard drive is that in addition to the available USB 3.0 port, the G-Drive ev will not be detached from the Thunderbolt port on the ATC case.

Therefore, this system is perfect for increasing speed and is compatible with Apple Mac OS. Therefore, it is suitable for users of your OS system.

8. Lacie – Porsche Design Mobile Drive 2 TB

hard drive best

Do you have a hard drive that's difficult to access your macOS device and often need to format it before using it? If you're a loyal user of macOS, this is bound to be a hassle.

Well, if you choose the best brand of external hard drive from Lacie, it might be better for your OS users.

Hard drives are not only complex, but also have the ability to support typical macOS backup functions, such as Time Machine and Backup Assistant.

Another advantage is that this hard drive also has very fast transfer capabilities, up to 5 GB / s. MacOS users will love this product!

9. Sandisk Extreme

backup hard drives

SanDisk is a well-known brand of flash drives, and also the best brand of external hard drives.

Who doesn't know the leading hard drive brands that are widely consumed by companies and individuals?

SanDisk is renowned for its world-renowned performance and provides an extensive experience.

For this type of SanDisk Extreme, it's designed specifically for photographers who need high-speed, large-capacity external storage.

Not only that, the hard drive is also specially designed to be waterproof (IP55 certified). This is one of the interesting advantages of SanDisk products.

10. Samsung T5 Portable

best external hard drive

Even smartphone products are complicated, let alone hard drives? Yes, the external hard drive of the best Samsung brand will not forget to be one of the advices worth noting.

How can it be? Samsung is one of the world's number one technology products, there is no doubt in terms of excellence and complexity.

This Samsung T5 portable hard drive has a very simple design. In addition, Samsung T5 Portable also provides a very classic product but at a price that remains affordable.


Hope the above article is useful for understanding the functions, types and brands. This will be your choice for various security activities, backup and data transfer using external Portable hard drives.

There are many brands external hard drives currently on the market, and you can choose between them at a low or expensive price based on the capacity you need.    

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