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10 Best Brands of PC, Laptop and Computer RAM 2021

10 Best Brands of PC, Laptop and Computer RAM 2021

10 Best Brands of PC, Laptop and Computer RAM 2021

Best Ram brand - Especially for game players and user design. Of course, the god of games also needs high-quality memory and a brand with high specifications to support fascinating game activities and design work, and can be used on personal computers, computers and notebooks Use on the computer.

By using high-quality ram and well-known brand products, you of course no longer worry, especially when you want to assemble your own pc or order from a supplier, if you already know the best type of memory and can support it The type of activity that affects your use of a computer or laptop.

You can choose to use the best brand of ram, which usually has the same performance, performance and characteristics, even if the capacity is the same, it will affect the speed and performance of the laptop and PC.

When you are looking for the best and best Brand Ram PC to match with advanced processors and all advanced specifications, we provide the following list:

Brand Ram For Pc and Laptop Best 2021 Gaming Quality

Brand Ram For Pc and Laptop Best 2021 Gaming Quality

The basic nature of RAM that becomes a temporary storage media but has a vital Memory function in the speed of access and loading at the time of use on a computer / pc or laptop.

The larger the number and specifications of RAM on the computer will certainly make your laptop much faster. moreover, certain games or programs specialize with the minimum memory value needed for the application to run smoothly.

Are you not satisfied with the memory installed on your pc at the moment? or want to replace with a new one? see below to be able to choose the brand of ram for the best pc and laptop that can be a reference before making a replacement yes.

Best DDR4 RAM : Corsair

1. Best DDR4 RAM : Corsair

When it comes to the best and best RAM brands on the market, Corsair is one of the most trusted names. Especially the Vengeance series, its DDR4 LED products are suitable for everyone.

In addition to providing additional cool lighting effects for your PC, this Memory also has a powerful radiator that can maximize cooling and heat dissipation, achieving higher overclocking performance and best performance.

Corsair's Vairance LED DDR4 series also has CL16 latency and a speed of 3,466 MHz, making it as fast and sensitive as its exceptional aesthetics.

Best Brand RAM : G. Skill

2. Best Brand RAM : G. Skill

So far, everyone knows about the G. Skill Brand and its Trident Z RGB memory series. This is the best RAM, not only because it is fast, but there is a full spectrum rainbow light bar at the top of each DIMM, which can be used to match rgb lighting from the entire system. 

The CAS latency of the Trident Z RGB DDR4 RAM is between 14 and 19, which is great, but the speed is as high as 4266, which is almost perfect.

Regardless of your aesthetic, it's hard to consider G. Skill TridentZ RGB as the best RGB RAM.

Best High-end RAM Brand : Kingston

3. Best High-end RAM Brand : Kingston 

Kingston is the most popular storage component brand in Indonesia. This brand has released many products, such as flash memory, SSDs, and of course the best and good RAM. Even if I ask the author, "What brand flash drive is millions of population?" brand Kingston is the answer. hahaa

Kingston brand is known for releasing a lot of memory at affordable prices but relatively high quality. A good type of Kingston RAM is the Kingston HyperX FURY which has the best speed in its class.

Best Ram Gaming Brand : Hynix

4. Best Ram Gaming Brand : Hynix

Hynix is another good brand of RAM. Hynix was founded in South Korea in 1983. 

His long-term experience in the semiconductor industry and providing RAM to all parts of the world made Hynix widely known. 

Many notebook computer manufacturers have obtained a supply of memory from Hynix. Therefore, hynix brand is no doubt the quality.

Best Computer Ram Brand : Patriot

5. Best Computer Ram Brand : Patriot

Perhaps the brand of RAM is good and the best patriot is little known by the public especially in Indonesia, but in fact Patriot has been widely known in the United States since 1985. The products are also widely available in online stores today!

Patriot has many teams that produce various computer components, one of which is Viper Gaming products that provide a variety of high-performance hardware for gamers.

If you want to try the best RAM brand, you should choose Patriot Viper Steel variant. Gangs, when playing games, you will not feel a decrease in performance.

Best Laptop Memory Brand : Adata

6. Best Laptop Memory Brand : Adata

Just like Kingston, Adata has long been known in Indonesia and has become a trusted brand for many PC, laptop and notebook hardware.

Adata has a game product range called XPG. The RAM product itself is also called XPG, and has many variants available to choose from.

You can find the best RGB Memory from Adata using the XPG SPectrix model, and use the Gammix name to get non-RGB RAM performance. Of course the laptop or pc also has a memory variant called XPG Hunter.

Best Brand RAM : Crucial

7. Best Brand RAM : Crucial

Crucial is a brand of RAM that has been produced by Micron Technology, an American company engaged in the best semiconductor industry. 

The company's famous RAM product is Crucial Ballistix, with relatively good quality for long-term use.

Crucial Ballistix is your memory of choice, especially for PC gamers who need high-quality, high-performance RAM.

Just like other brands, Crucial has a small RAM type with RGB. The difference is that the RGB Crucial model is simpler and looks more elegant.

Best Double Capacity Ram Brand : Venom RX

8. Best Double Capacity Ram Brand : Venom RX

Venom RX brand is a technology company that mainly produces computer components such as chassis, motherboards, and Memory. Venom RX RAM is one of the best output products.

For example Venom RX Sodim DDR3 4GB PC10600 which has good compatibility with older DDR3 types. For users planning to increase their laptop's RAM capacity, they can choose RAM from Venom RX.

Best Low-Profile Ram Brand : V-Gen

9. Best Low-Profile Ram Brand : V-Gen

Furthermore, the V-Gen brand is like Xiaomi in the Smartphone world. You'll get high-spec products that are more affordable than pc and laptop competitors.

V-Gen has a memory variant that is suitable for notebook computers that are very popular in the Indonesian market. Therefore, it is ideal for those looking for the best brand of RAM for laptops.

If you want a good type of DDR3 V-Gen RAM that can work with higher performance and RGB technology, you can check out the Tsunami model for laptops and PCs. Even so, the price offered is much higher than the basic Memory model.

Brand RAM Best Price : Team Group

10. Brand RAM Best Price : Team Group

Team Group or better known as Team is the second best RAM brand with competitive product performance. In fact, you can even find special RAM variants for overclocking from Team.

Team Group or commonly known as Team is the last best RAM brand that we reviewed with competitive product performance. In fact, you can find special memory variants for overclocking from Team.

We recommend this RAM because it is reasonably priced and suitable for users who want to assemble a low-end PC.


how is it? Have you found a brand that you want to use to support the highest speed on laptops and computers? As LaeMurdani explained earlier. Each best RAM brand has different characteristics and attributes. Therefore, don't choose the wrong one.

By using one of the 10 brands of ram mentioned above, we believe that you will not be disappointed, because it has been tested by many people and is considered the best, especially those that often sit on laptops and PCs and affect performance Design and games.

Hope the above article is useful to convince you to choose the top ten best brands of ram pc 2021 with current game quality. Please share with other gamer friends, okay. Thank you

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