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10 Tips for Starting the Best Online Store Business 2020

10 Tips for Starting the Best Online Store Business 2020

10 Tips for Starting the Best Online Store Business 2020

For those of you who want to start a beginner online business which is currently booming, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, everyone is difficult and worried about getting out of the house.

There are 10 online business tips for beginners which we will explain below so that they can be practiced in the sales business that you will apply.

The initial capital in starting an online business is actually not large, only with a cellphone / computer and internet connection, so you can start a sales business via Facebook or Instagram.

Let's take a look at tips so that your online store can be successful and reap big profits.

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Identify concepts and focus on one product category

Successful people are those who have a mature and detailed business plan. Your business plan doesn't need to be long, but short and clear.

Don't forget to determine your target market and clothing brand identity that you want to promote. Before starting an online shopping business, the first way to do online business is to determine which products are suitable for sale.

To determine this, do a little research on which products are popular and what people like. Then, choose the type of product you want to develop, such as women's clothing products with potential buyers aged 17-35 years.

Take full advantage of the potential of the target market. Their needs are still related to fashion. Then, enter all of these products into your online store catalog.

Try to focus on a category so that sales can be maximized without causing confusion so that buyers can easily find what they want and need.

Make the best price

Another online selling trick for beginners is how to determine the right selling price for many products that will be marketed without capital, even on Instagram or Facebook.

  • Key points include:
  • Prices of similar products in the market,
  • Prices set by some of your suppliers,
  • Operational costs that must be borne at the time of delivery.

After understanding and considering these two factors, you can determine the approximate selling price.

Seeking uniqueness and creativity

Business competition is becoming more and more fierce every day. Therefore, you must be able to find the uniqueness and innovation of the products you sell.

Your uniqueness will give you the opportunity to become a pioneer in this industry. The uniqueness of innovative clothing products will also make consumers more satisfied.

Researching a product or customer is one of the important things to determine which product is more desirable and desirable when you want to start an online business.

However, it is also important to increase innovation and creativity during operation and development. Because doing business online is very unique and interesting.

Therefore, even if you are still a beginner, don't be angry. Only by increasing our creativity and innovation abilities can we participate in the competition.

Find the right product supplier

When you get a suitable product for product development, it is time to start selecting and looking for suppliers.

This is the most important step that must be completed. Only choose to work with suppliers of good, reliable clothing fabrics.

Perform initial cooperation with several trusted suppliers, then you can choose which supplier is the best long-term business partner.

There are two options in the online shopping business to find suppliers, namely resellers or direct delivery systems.

If you choose a dealer system, you usually have to prepare funds in advance to provide goods.

The bigger your online store has a lot of products, the more capital is needed. However, you can sell directly to customers at an adjustable price.

Unlike retailers, this direct selling system requires almost no funds, but only an always-on Internet package.

Why? Because all the products you display will be prepared and supported by suppliers, and will be in the hands of consumers.

Therefore, you are only acting as a salesperson, and if a customer is interested the supplier will send the product to the customer on your behalf. Of course, both parties have agreed on regulations.

Provide clear contact information

When you want to do business online, the next, no less important way to do online business is to provide a clear contact number. Why is this so important? Because this is a way for customers to contact you when they are interested in the product you offer.

To do this, please enter a clear contact number, and the customer can call you directly. Either through online chat, instant messaging, social media, or other special applications.

Once you've included a contact number, you can get the most out of your potential customers. Don't let them get away just because you responded late. Of course this can hurt the business you are building.

Don't forget to enter shipping and payment methods so that potential customers have more confidence and make the transaction process easier.

Do promotions and create unique marketing techniques

Our business strategy cannot be arbitrary. There is only one secret in selling goods to be successful quickly, which is a unique and innovative marketing strategy.

Try to consider which marketing technique you want to use. Good product marketing will greatly affect the sales performance of your clothing products.

There are many ways to introduce your online store, from social media to specialized online shopping platforms. For example Facebook, Instagram or other market.

Take advantage of brands in online stores to build trust from potential customers.

Introducing a high quality product / service brand with a targeted promotion will make potential customers curious and eventually start looking, then become interested in buying your product.

Get influencers

Another way for online businesses to make your products more accessible in the online world is to work with influencers. You can choose who is suitable to work with.

When choosing these influential people, don't forget to always consider the concept and target market of these clothing products.

Build a partnership system

So that your clothing business can continue to grow rapidly, you can try to establish a partnership system (dealers). To avoid confusion, you can build a system by creating several cooperative categories.

For example, there are Distributor packages for multiple partners. Then came the package of agents for coordination and cooperation. Don't forget to also provide distributor packaging for small purchases.

Make Innovations

As your online business starts to grow with a large number of orders from customers, consider innovating and making more innovative developments.

Try building a website using an official domain name and a professional image to build trust in potential customers. Don't forget to embed important functions so that anyone can easily access them.

One example is providing various debit or credit cards for online payment facilities.

Because all those who stay here tend to be potential customers, which are profitable and tend to pay for different deals.

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By applying according to the discussion above, you will be ready to start the online store business you want to build.

Consistency is the key of everything, maybe one day the business you are running is experiencing a decline, so don't give up and always try to find solutions and solutions.

Hopefully the article above is useful, and please share it with friends or relatives in need. Thank you

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