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Best Business for Millenial Generation 2020

Best Business for Millenial Generation 2020

Best Business for Millenial Generation 2020

The world of work is now dominated by people from the millennial generation. Namely those who were born in the 1980s to 1997. Starting from office buildings to government agencies, this generation has completed various jobs. But not a few millennials choose to be entrepreneurial or business.

This is in accordance with the millennial character who likes challenges, doesn't like being restrained, likes to express himself and one is very creative. It is because of their innovative and creative nature that many new jobs can be formed. For those who are looking for business references from offline businesses to promising online businesses for the millennial generation, here are the recommendations.

1. Business Startup

In recent years, startups have mushroomed in the world, including world. Many things have been developed in such a way and harmonized with technological sophistication. And this startup is taking advantage of that. There are also a lot of sectors that can be considered as startups or startup companies.

Many startups are successful domestically and become examples for others. Most famous among them is Gojek, which has started to expand to several neighboring countries. There are many other examples, for example Lazada, Amazon, and others.

Don't be discouraged if you don't have a lot of money to rent a place. Even Amazon, which was so global, was originally based in the garage of the founder, Jeff Bezos. Don't let it break.

2. Coffee Shop or Cafe

Another business that has recently been heavily involved is opening a coffee shop or cafe. Coffee today is still very popular, and is selling well in the market. If you have new innovations that are considered profitable, this business is also promising in the future.

Of course you have to look at emerging markets. Now cafes and coffee shops are not only used for hanging out, many millennials use them as work places. Must be very clever at seeing opportunities.

3. Photography Business

Meanwhile, for those who are fond of photography, this business can be cultivated. It cannot be denied, the need for good photos lately is very high. People seem to be competing to show off their best and latest photos on social media. Therefore, this business is considered profitable and has a large enough opportunity.

Marketing that is done can take advantage of the website or social media. Slowly start offering photo services at graduation events, weddings, and later on. If you are professional and well-known to many people, opening a studio is no longer a dream. Can open up jobs for other people too.

4. Food Business

You could say the food business will never die, because it is always needed by humans. This type of business can also be done by the millennial generation, especially when combined with technology and convenience, can run smoothly if it continues to be developed. Lately, there are many chili sauce food businesses in bottles, salads, or anything else.

Initially able to do a food business from home, working with online delivery vendors. However, if it becomes more and more popular, you can open your own restaurant. Meanwhile, the type of food can be adjusted according to expertise, trends, and so on.

5. Agricultural Business

Several years ago, the agricultural business was not very popular with young people because it was considered unpromising and required hard work. However, according to Kuntoro Boga Andri, the Head of Public Relations and Information of the Ministry of Agriculture said otherwise. This business is promising for millennials because it is in line with the government's dream, which is to target world to become a world food barn by 2045.

So from that the government is aggressively making efforts to increase agricultural production. One of them is by developing a technology-based data center and agriculture war room which will later be used to control agricultural development. Technological developments can be used to develop Indonesian agriculture.

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